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Starting and growing your own business can be a lonely road. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Who doesn’t want to make more money and enjoy a better work/life balance ? Investing in a business coach to help you reach your business goals could be the single most valuable decision you make in your business and the results will pay off in all areas of your life. Boss Business Coaching is run by Alex Todorovic who has over two decades of business, accounting and commercial experience working for some of Australia’s biggest and successful companies. With a dedicated approach and proven systems, you will generate more profit and real results taking your business from average to excellent in no time. I partner with my clients to deliver clear and actionable business plans that will generate more than just a wage.



To be able to have a clear vision of the roadmap to your business success in the key to staying focused on what truly matters. Being in business can get overwhelming so working with an experienced business coach and developing a clear business plan will have you making all the right moves in business.



With over 22 years of business experience, I understand business inside out and I know that strategy is the real key to business and profit success. During our sessions  we will develop the right customer, business and pricing strategy to get you enjoying your business and making the money you deserve.



By learning how to generate more profit in your business not only will you get comfortable with numbers you will get clear on the steps to take to make it happen and the confidence to start making the right decisions in business that will have you earning the profits and money you deserve for all your hard work.

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A coaching program for every stage of business.


Give your business a flying start

You have a great idea or just starting out and you’re great at what you do. But you don’t know where to start or how to create the best roadmap for success? then the start up program is the perfect choice for you. With 1:1 coaching and a structured program you will build the strategy & business plans to create the action steps for marketing, cashflow and operations to ensure you make the profits and money you are seeking by starting you business in the first place.

Areas of focus:

  • Goal-setting
  • Developing your brand/business concept
  • Identifying your target markets
  • Creating your pricing strategy
  • Developing your profit strategy
  • Creation of your business plan


Building profit & cashflow

Things are going OK, but you know that you could be making more money and that there must be a better way to run your business.  Now is the time to get serious about generating the profits and money you deserve as a business should do more than just give you a wage. This program will develop your pricing and customer strategy and create the action plans for marketing, operations and resources to get you running your business like a BOSS!

Areas of focus:

  • Developing products/services
  • Building and managing your team
  • Managing cashflow
  • Implementing systems for increased sales
  • Creating your profit model


Grow with confidence

For any mature business, stagnating is a risk to watch out for. The long term success of a business depends on the constant renewal of products, services and customers. If you believe that your business could be achieving more but you just don’t know how then this coaching program can help.

Areas of focus:

  • Developing your growth plan
  • Managing your team & resources
  • Growing customers
  • Establishing the profit market
  • Creating new pricing strategies
  • Improving systems and processes

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