Hi, I’m Alex

I started my online business with one goal in mind and that was to teach small business owners the financial literacy and management skills they need to reach their personal best and build the business and the lifestyle they have always dreamed of, but may no longer believe is possible.

90 Day Program

90 Day Program


I teach business owners the real life business skills needed to reach their personal best in business and in life.


My business toolkit educates through activity-based workbooks to empower business owners for success.


My programs teach business owners step by step how to build a business they truly love.


I offer the best online programs for small business, it has never been a better time to learn and develop.


My programs and courses deliver real value and learning and my payment plans make it affordable and accessible.


With structured programs and step by step support, you will create good business habits to create long lasting change.

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  • 1.Set prices correctly First, you need to be financially informed. Before you set your pricing, work out the total costs of running your business which includes both your fixed costs (the expenses that will come in every month regardless of sales) and your direct costs......

  • While many people use RAC or NRMA to conduct a vehicle inspection before they buy a second-hand car the same due diligence process should be undertaken when buying a business to ensure the asking price is fair and reasonable and to avoid buying a dud.......

  • Increase the number of new customers. By attracting new customers into your business, you will be able to grow your sales revenue. Ways to attract new customers into your business include. Defining who your target customer is Developing marketing plans that address solutions that meet......

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