For business to achieve continuous growth it needs to ensure that all the necessary building blocks are in place and that all the key activities in your business scalable and replicable.

Having one person doing a task in their own way is not scalable. But converting this into a system with steps that can be repeated by others gives the business the option to scale up. Developing replicable, scalable systems creates an asset which will be valuable when it comes to selling the business. It is also helpful for expansion and franchising purposes.

There are several reasons to implement a business system.   

 1. Meeting Customer’ Expectations

If you use a systematic approach, your business will be able to operate consistently delivering the same trusted service to your customers which builds trust and loyalty which are key to long term success.  happy and returning for more.

2. Consistent Results:

Whether we are considering safety, quality or getting the job done in a timely manner, a business system is designed to give you effective, efficient and repeatable results. In short, the business system gives you a “process to fix your processes.”

3. Employee Engagement:

Business systems direct and educate staff on how to complete their tasks and duties successfully. It provides clear guidelines and direction which reduces errors, confusion and unproductive work.  Additionally, having business systems in place allows new staff and employee to be trained more quickly making it easy of new staff to fit in.

4. Reduce Cost and Increase Profits:

It has been proven time and again that the implementation of a sound business system helps reduce costs, but so will many things. A business system is intended to reduce costs without taking the shortcuts. As you become more productive and clearer what needs to be done the productivity of your business will improve and your profit margins will grow.

5. Automate repetitive tasks and unlock your efficiency

You will save time and money with workflow automation. But you can only reach this point once you have given up that small amount of time in the beginning to document your processes, even if it’s only a handful of them.  E.g. this could be selecting the function in Xero to automatically resend overdue invoices in incremental stages. This removes the need for the business to remember to manually have to send emails.

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