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In order to sell your business at your desired price, you need to ensure your business is a well-oiled machine that can work without you. The purpose of this is not to go through every single aspect of selling your business, but to identify some of the major areas that help drive the price up when you sell your business. The process of selling a business is quite a complex one and involves a number of important steps.

Having your business ready for sale
I have never seen a business with everything in place ready for sale at the time of asking. It generally takes about 12 months of discipline and hard work to get a business ready for sale.


The price
Before you sell your business you will, of course, have an idea of what you think it is worth. Invariably, the actual value will be less once the price of the business is actually calculated. Generally, the three main components that determine the price of a business are:

  1. The goodwill including intellectual property of the business
  2. Any plant and equipment including digital assets of the business
  3. Any stock or inventory that the business owns


Marketing of the business for sale
Engaging a business broker to sell your business is the easiest way to market it to potential buyers. Generally, brokers will have a database of clients and customers that they can approach that may be interested in your business. They also have the ability and contacts to advertise your business in places where investors know to look when they are interested in buying a business. Select Boss Business as your preferred business broker to get the deal done.


Business Valuations


Do you need to know what your business is worth in Perth for any of the following reasons?


  • Business valuation for buying a business
  • Business valuation for selling a business
  • Business valuation for divorce
  • Business valuation for shareholders agreements
  • Business valuation for minority shareholders
  • Business valuation for stamp duty
  • Business valuation for capital gains tax
  • Business valuation for litigation
  • Business valuation for any other reason


Get a quick and affordable business valuation report for any Australian Business. We prepare written business valuation reports fully explaining our methods and calculations and identifying the key strengths and weaknesses of the business so you can understand the outcome.


With 3 different levels of scope, you choose how much detail you need and how much you want to spend. We can give you a fixed price quote in minutes, with no hidden costs. All of our business valuation reports are independent and reliable, we can be engaged by single parties or as a joint expert which may be required in situations like a divorce.