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Mission Statement


Our mission is to help small business owners achieve – and master – the financial literacy and management skills that are vital to building a sustainable, profitable, future. It is our belief that educating small business is the key to unlocking big potential and turning passion into profit.


Vision Statement


To ignite passion and purpose across the small business community to create a sustainable and profitable global economy.

Alex Todorovic

Managing Director

Alex Todorovic founded Boss Business Coaching as she has always been passionate about educating small business owners to reach their personal best. Alex has a firm belief that education can not only open your mind, but also expand your thinking, to unlock your true potential.


Her positive attitude, together with a determination, passion and drive to not give up in the face of setbacks has seen Alex develop a reputation for being a trusted advisor who gives good, sound, advice.


Alex has an extensive corporate background with over 19 years of experience working for some of the largest companies across Australia in the Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Mining, Energy and Construction sectors. This extensive work experience has enabled Alex deliver best practice financial outcomes.

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